Fighting words

I’m waiting in Penn Station, charging my phone before I catch a bus back to Boston. girl sits down next to me, to paint the picture there were two seats open to my right and she sat down in the one next to me so I knew she wanted to talk. (side note: chicks stop acting like you don’t want to talk to me,we’re just losing valuable time.)

small talk ensues she’s from Russia into film making. I say that’s interesting and tell her that i do comedy. Her words: Comedy is OK. I don’t really get it and there’s not a lot in Russia.

Rude ass ho, I obviously love comedy and you gonna say that to me! I had to play Kendrick’s Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe like 10 times in a row after talking to her.

Sick to Death

My throat hurts. I can’t say that without sounding like a whiny child, but that is the reality. I get strep or swollen tonsils more than anyone I know. Why do we get sick. Why is the body so weak. It’s frustrating what a huge effect being sick has on my energy level and personality.

Basically cocoon’s should be a thing


I can’t stop writing. my thoughts are pulling my comedy in a lot of different directions. Characters, concepts, weird, borderline profound. It’s exhausting, but I like being tired from hard work.

Comic in Residence

I am on day 3 of a month long residency at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Ma. I will be opening every show there for the month of May. The amount of time of the sets doesn’t bother me and the number of shows, 27 shows in 31 days doesn’t phase me. What plagues my mind as most good challenges do, is can I storm the beach(going first) and kill. Can I make a group of strangers comfortable and listen within seconds? I’m going to fuckin try.


The Baby Shining

my boy’s crazy

Up and coming shows

4/4/13 : Purple Pit Jazz Club- Concord, NH

4/5/13: SMG Auditorium, Boston University

4/6/13: VFW - Acton, MA

4/12/13: The Comedy Studio - Cambridge, MA

4/22/13 : Meaning of Life Comedy Show- East Village, NY

4/27/12: The Comedy Studio - Cambridge, MA

The month of May: Comic in Residence, show six nights a week at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA

8/21/13: Extra Helpings at The Milky Way Lounge in Jamica Plain, Ma

8/23/13: Sean Sullivan and Friends at Grandma’s Basement at The Howard Johnson Hotel, Boston, MA


I Missed A Tag. That is all I can think about.

After I got off stage last night I walked to the back of the room. My version of the on deck circle. Or I suppose a comedian holding pen. A place where you can catch up with old friends, bullshit with acquaintances and still watch the show. An overcrowded Open Mic is how I spend my Tuesday nights.

Some kid who was with his group of friends that are now leaving makes his way to the back of the room to shake my hand and tell me ‘good job’. He’s bright eyed and refuses to stop smiling. I abide his enthusiasm with a handshake. But all I want to tell him is “I missed a tag. I had been working on it for a few days and was finally going to try it.” 

What does he care? What does anybody care? Nobody knows I missed a tag and him and his friends had a great time. That’s what matters tight?
Nope, still upset. Going to be upset until I get this tag right.

Beautiful Tragedy

I was doing a comedy show in New bedford at Gallery X. There was a couple guys on the show that I couldn’t help but hug as soon as I saw them. It dawned on me while driving home still basquing in the afterglow of a good set that I hadn’t seen either one of them in months. I used to see them all the time at open mics and play softball on sundays. So why so long? 

Then I understood that the better my friends and I get at comedy is the less we will see each other as we travel the country and get booked for more shows. I couldn’t be happier for them although it comes at the cost of our time together. Beautiful Tragedy

Upcoming Shows

Gallery X, New Bedford, MA- 2/27

Nick’s comedy Stop, Boston, MA - 3/2

Grandma’s Basement, Boston, MA- 3/9

Comedy Studio, Cambridge, MA - 3/14

Women In Comedy Festival, Cambridge, MA- 3/21

Open Mic, Las Vegas, Nevada - 3/26

Comedy Studio, Cambridge, MA - 4/12

Comedy Studio, Cambridge, MA- 4/27

This is part of a series of photos I call ‘Doing Me’ where I take candids of people being exceptional. My man right here has the fannie pack and an awesome shirt. In his head he’s singing, “This is my life and i’m gonna f***ing live it!”

This is part of a series of photos I call ‘Doing Me’ where I take candids of people being exceptional. My man right here has the fannie pack and an awesome shirt. In his head he’s singing, “This is my life and i’m gonna f***ing live it!”